The Sudden Rise of Crypto Hitmen and Bitcoin-for-Murder Plots

2021 saw a spike in one very particular type of crime: paying crypto to take out a hit. Who are these would-be killers, and why do they think crypto makes them invisible to the eyes of the law?

Digital Bandits: The New Art Thieves Selling Stolen Works As NFTs

It may not be as cinematic as a museum heist, but this new form of art theft is quickly becoming a lucrative criminal payday that negatively affects pretty much any artist who posts their work online

Growhouses, Pot Fields and Biker Gangs: The Secret Lives and Crimes of Amish Drug Dealers

Just because you avoid modernity, doesn’t mean you abide by the law

The Visine Killers

When a South Carolina nurse poisoned her millionaire husband with over-the-counter eye drops, she nearly got away with it. The thing is, she’s far from the only one to wield Visine as a murder weapon