Oral History

Monstrously Delicious: An Oral History of Monster Cereals

For 50 years, these spooky cereals have haunted your breakfast aisle, creating a fanbase unlike any other. This is the story of where they came from, how they took off and what they meant to the world

An Oral History of ‘Счастливы вместе,’ the Russian Remake of ‘Married… with Children’

‘Married… with Children’ was way bigger in the Motherland than it ever was in America

An Oral History of ‘Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse’

With its eternal optimism and endless hilarious applications, the line has fast become the internet’s most victorious meme

An Oral History of ‘Surf Ninjas’

In addition to being one of the only Hollywood films with a majority Asian cast, it won the hearts — and wore out the VHS tapes — of kids everywhere