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Jake Hall

Jake Hall is a freelance journalist, fashion features editor and author. Their debut book 'The Art of Drag' is scheduled for release in May 2020.

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Mommy Dommes Know Plenty of Real-Life Roman Roys

Roman and Gerri’s relationship may be in flux on ‘Succession,’ but there are legions of powerful, older women who know just what it’s like to hold a submissive man in the palm of their hand

Trans Guys Are Posting Dick Pics in the Name of Education

Faced with a dearth of medical information about the look and feel of post-op penises — and a lack of representation in porn — trans guys are sharing and discussing their newly minted members on private educational forums

It’s Prime Time for TS Madison, the Original Big Dick Bitch

From working the streets of Miami to becoming the first Black trans woman with her own reality show, TS Madison has always lived large. Now, with the limelight finally on her, she shares what she’s learned along the way