‘Possession’ Looks at Just How Demented Divorce Can Be

Banned when it came out in 1981, Andrzej Żuwałski’s disturbing cinematic ode to his own break-up is seeing a revival 40 years later (and no, it’s not because of the tentacle sex)

The Coked-Up Louisiana Millionaire, His Estranged Wife and the Fake Murder-for-Hire Plot Gone Horribly Wrong

Lawrence Michael Handley, high on meth and cocaine, hired two Black men to kidnap his wife, so that he could play the part of the hero. But his plan went south, and the hired ‘killers’ paid the price

‘Scenes From a Marriage’ Turns Marital Drama Into (Dull) Prestige TV

This HBO miniseries doesn’t have much new to say about the challenges of long-term relationships. But it sure says it in a classy way

MRAs Brainwashed Family Court — And Put Kids into the Hands of Their Abusers

So-called ‘men’s rights activists’ have long claimed divorce and family courts are run with anti-male bias. But research keeps showing that fathers now actually have too much sway, and kids are paying the price