The Fake Ricky Bobby Crime Spree of Rural Oregon

It’s a wild ride that includes a county road shootout, a real-time burglary livestream to 911 and a getaway bike with two flat tires. Shake and bake!

Why Are Marvel Heroes Such a Meme for Bankrobbers?

Iron Man is on the lam in Florida. Captain America got unlucky in Kentucky. The Hulk smashes into a bank — and robs it. Don’t criminals ever wear DC masks?

Three Skydivers Weigh In on D.B. Cooper

Could you really jump from an airplane in loafers and no helmet, in the middle of the night, in a rainstorm, and survive?

How the Hell Did Cable Descramblers Work, Anyway (And Can You Still Use Them)?

On the latter count, I spent $27.53 plus $5.75 for shipping to find out