The Sudden Rise of Crypto Hitmen and Bitcoin-for-Murder Plots

2021 saw a spike in one very particular type of crime: paying crypto to take out a hit. Who are these would-be killers, and why do they think crypto makes them invisible to the eyes of the law?

The Visine Killers

When a South Carolina nurse poisoned her millionaire husband with over-the-counter eye drops, she nearly got away with it. The thing is, she’s far from the only one to wield Visine as a murder weapon

The Boyfriend-Killing Dad in the Real-Life Version of ‘Taken’ Is No Liam Neeson

A Spokane man learns that his daughter has been sold into sex trafficking by her 19-year-old partner. He finds her, saves her and then hunts down the boyfriend. But was it vigilantism or just plain murder?

The Very American Rise of the Mass Shooter

Seamus McGraw’s new book, ‘From a Taller Tower,’ details how our culture of rage, victimhood, narcissism and love of guns has created an onslaught of violence that’s almost impossible to keep up with