When G.I. Joe Taught Us About the Horrors of War

Larry Hama, the writer, artist and creator who gave the world the G.I. Joe comics universe, discusses why he never shied away from telling kids the truth about love, loss and the realities of combat

Three American Military Men, a Bio-Plantation in Macedonia and the Plot to Kill a German Organic Farmer

Authorities in the Netherlands claim the military men killed the German farmer in a debt-collection scheme gone wrong

‘Restrepo’ Has Always Been the Best Movie About the War in Afghanistan

The grippingly intimate 2010 documentary focuses on U.S. soldiers fighting in one of the country’s deadliest regions. What the film shows us — and what it chooses not to show us — says everything about the futility of our 20-year occupation.

How to Wear Combat Boots (Without Stealing Valor)

One thing’s for certain: You’re gonna have to kick the skinny jeans out of your closet