The Male Rape Scene in ‘Deliverance’ Was So Jarring, It Gave Us a Half Century of Jokes

John Boorman’s acclaimed 1972 film gave audiences a depiction of male rape that remains powerful, unsettling and unresolved. Rather than confronting its implications, we’ve spent the last several decades parodying it.

Why These Survivors Hold On to Their ‘Rape Clothes’

‘It’s something I’ll carry — always. To throw them away seems like that’s where my story would go, too.’

Why Men Struggle to Believe That They’ve Been Sexually Assaulted by a Woman

When they’ve been abused by another man, they call it exactly what it is — rape. But when it’s a woman, it’s a completely different story.

The Campaign to Force India to Confront Its Epidemic of Male Child Sexual Assault

53 percent of the childhood sex abuse victims there—and more than 110 million in all—are male