My Mom Fell Down a QAnon Hole. So I Blocked Her Cable and Internet to Pull Her Out

‘I know it sounds kind of unethical, but I felt like I had no other option’

Waukesha and the Rebirth of Anti-BLM Conspiracy Theories

Providing a tidy narrative of white hate, the far-right is using the recent attack as a means to recruit and agitate with news of a race war on the horizon

The Dark Garfield Fan Theories About Lyman, Jon’s Missing Roommate

Lyman was there one day, and gone the next. Some say he moved away to manage a hotel; others say he — or at least his body — never left Jon’s basement

QAnon Conspiracists Think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Are Hiding in Tyler Perry’s Fake White House

Are the President and Vice President of the United States living on a TV set in Georgia? No, but also, lol