Another Abortion-Snitching Group Is Now Festering on Gab

The group, called ‘Pro-Life Whistleblower,’ has remained online despite being in clear violation of hosting company Epik’s Terms of Use

Redditors Are Sabotaging a Texas Tip Line to Snitch on Abortions

In hopes of preventing Texas Right to Life from enforcing the Lone Star State’s draconian abortion law, redditors are flooding an anonymous tip line with false reports

The ACLU Documentary ‘The Fight’ Works Best When It Doesn’t Just Play to Its Base

Chronicling five different lawyers’ battles with the Trump administration, the film is a stark reminder that #Resistance takes more than a hashtag — it’s tiring, demanding, dispiriting and unending

Online Abortion Is the Next Frontier of the COVID Age

Abortion pills aren’t only more affordable, convenient and quarantine-proof than clinic-based care — they’re also exceedingly safe and effective