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Could Having a ‘Tight’ Scrotum Be Why Some Guys Like Having Their Balls Touched and Others Don’t?

*sighs, grimaces and speed-dials urologist*

Balls can be a mystery for even experienced sex-havers. The problem is that every pair of testes seems to be unique: Some teste-owners enjoy a firm grip upon them, some a light caress, some a metal cage and some would prefer we pretend the balls don’t exist at all. There’s essentially a full spectrum of possibilities, and most all of them are normal. 

But while it’s not at all strange that people have different preferences for sex, is there any concrete reasoning or universal theory dictating these preferences? Recently, I heard one possible hypothesis. On Episode 63 of Barstool Sports’ podcast Call Her Daddy, hosts Sofia Franklyn and Alex Cooper proposed that, perhaps, the “tightness” of the skin in the scrotal region is the determining factor. Those with much “tighter” balls that sit close to the body are more likely to enjoy having them played with. Those with “looser,” saggier (sorry?) balls, however, don’t get as much pleasure out of it. 

A brief survey of people bold enough to discuss their balls with me suggests this might, possibly, be true. “I got mad droop but oval-shaped balls, so I usually don’t like it unless cradled properly and with a larger than average hand or mouth,” says one person who shall not be named. 

“Mine’s pretty wrinkly, not super loose or anything. I’d say they’re pretty middle of the road, and I definitely like getting them licked or sucked on,” says another.

One woman I spoke with says her current partner has very tight skin packaging his balls, and that he enjoys having them touched. A different woman also confirmed to me that, anecdotally, she’d found the correlation to be true. 

I attempted to ask Jamin Brahmbhatt, Florida urologist and MEL’s go-to for just about anything dick-and-ball-related, but ultimately got no closer to an answer confirming or denying this correlation. “I’ve honestly never had a patient come to me for this problem,” he says. And if a urologist hasn’t heard of it, then it’s proooooobably not true. 

Still, the theory itself points to the fact that for many women, balls are an enigma. Us gals can attempt to understand them, but there really isn’t one technique that will work with every partner. A better way to assess whether a guy would enjoy having his balls touched would be to just ask. There’s a decent chance, too, the testicle-haver doesn’t know exactly what he likes done with them during sex, considering that many men aren’t even sure what to do with them when they sleep

Ball play could also literally change with the seasons. Heat plays a big role in determining what your genitals are up to: In the summer, your balls expand and hang lower from the body, but in the cold of winter, your balls would prefer to sink up into the warmth of your body. So again, when it comes to touchin’ the testes, just talk to your partner. 

And maybe own a calendar.