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These Sites Want to Pay Your Favorite Creators More Than OnlyFans

While OnlyFans eats up 20 percent of performer profit, some of its competitors want to make sure that they’re leaving more cash on the table for their creators

OnlyFans may have walked back its intention to prohibit explicit content come October, but there’s still plenty of reasons for online adult creators to consider pivoting away from the platform. Financial considerations are the most obvious — not only do some alternative sites more openly express their commitment to sex workers, many offer a better cut of the earnings, too (OnlyFans currently takes 20 percent of performer revenue). Which, of course, allows you — aka the consumer — to put a little more cash in your favorite performer’s pocket. The three platforms below particularly stand out in this regard…


Unlockd.Me is a newer platform that functions similarly to OnlyFans but with some added features. Like OnlyFans, it’s a place for content creators to host subscriptions where they post photos and videos and message with subscribers. However, Unlockd.Me gives creators 85 percent of their earnings compared to OnlyFans’ 80 percent. 

More than that, Unlockd.Me does tons of promoting of performers within the platform with a vast “Discovery” section that allows creators to gather new subscribers without any extra effort. 

According to their Twitter, Unlockd.Me is also offering a 90 percent introductory rate for new creators. The platform is currently used by 37,000 creators and 586,000 subscribers, with top earners raking in over $50,000 a month, per their homepage. For reference, that five percent earnings difference nets out to around $2,500 per month more than someone with the same reach would be making on OnlyFans. also promotes themselves as being “100 percent judgment-free,” stating that they “cater to all kinks and guarantee no surprise account closings or changes in allowed content.” They also promise to never charge hidden fees

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that a few big names — former Playmate Victoria Zdrok and findom Londynn Vega chief among them — have vowed to make the switch from OnlyFans to 


ManyVids offers independent creators a platform to sell individual clips, host subscriptions, perform live on cam and even create a storefront to sell items like used panties. Creators have the option of selling specific content on the site without also offering OnlyFans-like subscriptions, though they can do both if they want. 

How much money creators can make depends on which of the site’s features they use. For example, creators typically keep 60 percent of their earnings on individual video sales (which customers don’t need a subscription to buy), but 80 percent on subscriptions, which are called “MV Crush Club.” In light of the OnlyFans news, ManyVids announced that they would be upping creator earnings to 85 percent for all sales, whether that be the cost of the subscription, videos, custom content, storefront purchases, tips and more starting November 1st (though the purchase must be made through the creator’s custom profile link). In the meantime, they’re also giving performers 100 percent of their earnings on Crush Club sales for the month of September. 

ManyVids has excellent discoverability — the front page is constantly highlighting a variety of performers and offerings, and it also has a directory of over 3,000 fetishes for customers to peruse. Profits from purchases made this way — i.e., found organically on ManyVids — will stay the same. However, if a performer shares their ManyVids link elsewhere, like on Twitter, and a customer makes a purchase from said link, they’ll make an 85 percent cut. 

Given these changes and the fact that the site is sex worker-friendly and was founded by a former camgirl, ManyVids might be the perfect pivot for some OnlyFans creators. It also has some brand recognizability, as it already maintains around 8.6 million monthly unique visitors and has been running since 2014. Unlike newer platforms, customers from OnlyFans may already be familiar with ManyVids, making that transition easier, too. 

Some of the biggest names on ManyVids include performers who are already big on OnlyFans, Pornhub and Fansly, such as LilCanadianGirl, Korina Kova and Shiri Allwood


If you’re super into crypto, this one’s for you. PocketStars is yet another platform that functions similarly to OnlyFans, and offers an 80 percent cut, just like OnlyFans does. However, there’s a strong incentive to use PocketStars if you’ve got faith in crypto or simply prefer it to traditional financial institutions. 

“PocketStars currently operates at 80 percent payouts in line with the industry standard,” explains a representative for $SIMP, a soon-to-be-released adult industry-oriented crypto token that will be used on PocketStars. “We will maintain that for any fiat transactions, however as soon as we roll out $SIMP, any subscriptions, tips or purchases made using $SIMP will be paid to the creators at 95 percent payouts. So if a creator opted to only accept $SIMP, they’d receive 95 percent payouts on the site.”

$SIMP will also have its own reward structure, similar to other tokens, where holders are rewarded in what are essentially dividends on the token “stock.” “We have a 5.5 percent reward structure whereby each transaction has a tax that is then funnelled down to holders of $SIMP in proportion to their wallet size,” the representative says. “This is split into 3.5 percent BNB (Binance count) and 2 percent SIMP.”

Of course, all of that will make a lot more sense for creators who are already interested in crypto, but it’s certainly something to consider. 

The Bottom Line

While many creators are rightfully suspicious of OnlyFans and their long-term ability to make money on the platform, OnlyFans still maintains one key advantage over its competitors: brand visibility and familiarity. Though some sites might offer better cuts of creator earnings, some find that it’s still easier to earn more on OnlyFans due to the fact that a wider base of customers are already comfortable with it and willing to sign up (there are around 130 million users and two million creators on OnlyFans). 

Not to mention, many creators have reported on subreddits like r/OnlyFansAdvice that transitioning customers from OnlyFans to new platforms hasn’t been easy. But hopefully with time, some of these alternatives will grow in popularity, making their boosted creator cuts even more lucrative. And if that profit can be earned by using something called $SIMP, all the better.