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Biden’s Big Scorpio Energy Is What the White House Needs

President Biden is a Scorpio, and that’s a good sign. The country needs stability, balance and conviction — the type of guy who will just do the work

Today marks a couple different transitions of power. For starters, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (who is also making history as the first Black woman to hold that office) are moving into a White House previously rife with racism, bigotry and general fuckery (in other word: they’ve definitely got their work cut out for them). Today, however, also marks the sixth time a Scorpio has become president, which is the most of any astrological sign. (Prior to Biden, the last Scorpio president was Warren G. Harding, who served from 1921 until his death in 1923; the other four were Teddy Roosevelt, James Garfield, James Polk and John Adams.) 

But instead of focusing on the number of Scorpio presidents, I want to focus on Scorpio energy and what it implies. 

Scorpio is a fixed sign. And fixed energy is about consistency, resilience and conviction — something Trump, as a Gemini, seemed utterly incapable of. Fixed signs provide structure and backbone. Scorpio is also a water sign, meaning it deals with emotions. But in contrast with Trump, a fickle air sign, Scorpio energy is about diving into the psychology of what makes us feel things deeply, and creating strong unbreakable bonds. 

Nerdy sidebar: Another recent transition was Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius, which thankfully takes us away from the hostility and inflamed nature of cardinal energy (see: 2020 grand conjunct of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn) into fixed energy. Let’s not forget about Uranus being in Taurus either — yet another fixed sign.

Biden’s chart, from top to bottom within the dashed circle: Mars, Mercury, Sun and Venus. That scary looking “M” is the symbol for Scorpio (note the spiked tail), and that “12” indicates the 12th house.

Diving deeper into Biden’s chart, we can see that Scorpio isn’t only his Sun sign (which represents the ego structure and what we want to be appreciated for), but also his Venus (values and relationships), Mercury (communication and daily routines) and Mars (our drive and will power), too. Although all of his Scorpio energy is “locked away” in the 12th house of isolation and secrets, his chart displays both a genuine care for the wellbeing of others and a ruthlessness when it comes to getting shit done. 

Long story short, what we need right now is someone who can come in and bring stability and balance in a tactful way. We have that in Biden, at least astrologically. This isn’t a man who will be tweeting his way through his presidency (Scorpios simply don’t reveal themselves or their plans until they’re 100 percent sure they’ll actually happen). He’s mostly the type of guy who will just do the work.

Which again, seems to be exactly what our current moment calls for. Get that pandemic under control and those vaccines in our arms, fixed king.