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Hollywood’s Smoldering Male Directors, the Legality of Leaving Fake Bills on Tips and Experts on What Sex Smells Like

A gentle reminder that we’ve got a great new video series, Deep Dive, for you to check out on our Instagram page. A few weeks ago, we chronicled C. Brian Smith’s afternoon riding around L.A.’s Skid Row with two addicts getting high in his back seat while discussing the ineffectiveness of Narcan to treat fentanyl overdoses. It’s pretty wild:

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In recent years, opioid addiction in the U.S. has gone from bad to a full-blown epidemic. The challenge for those trying to stem the tide is that the opioids being used are more powerful, and thus, more deadly. Until recently, Narcan, an opioid inhibitor, used to be the quickest and most effective way to reverse a heroin overdose. But medical professionals, and most distressingly, addicts, are finding that its efficacy decreases severely when treating users who have OD’d on fentanyl, a synthetic opiate 50 times more powerful than black-tar heroin. @SeeBrianSmith spent an afternoon recently in the company of two fentanyl addicts very familiar the havoc the drug is causing on the streets, and spoke to the inventor of Narcan about the changes that need to be made in how we treat fentanyl overdoses in order to continue saving lives.

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