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Dude-Strology: How Do I Throw a Surprise Party For My Aquarius Brother (Who Hates Surprises)?

Our ongoing attempt at trying to get men to care about what the stars can tell them about their lives

Welcome to the latest episode of Dude-strology. In this episode, I offer astrological wisdom for the following questions (and signs):

  1. For all signs: How do I tell my Leo girlfriend that I’m not ready to get married?
  2. For a Taurus: My Capricorn girlfriend just broke up with me because she thinks I don’t love her as much as I say I do. Can my chart help me understand what happened here?
  3. For all signs: How do I throw a surprise party for my Aquarius brother who just happens to hate parties and surprises?

More importantly, write to me. Because men, I’m more than happy to tell you what your sign means w/r/t whatever is happening in your bedroom, with your friends and family or your job/office. Hmu at