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Luke Winkie

Luke Winkie is a writer and former pizza maker from San Diego. In addition to MEL, he's written for Rolling Stone, Vice, the New York Times, Gizmodo, Vox and anywhere else good content can be found.

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I’m the PlayStation 5 Scalper Making Sure You Can’t Get One for Christmas

Well, I can get you one, of course, but you’re gonna pay

Welcome to the Hector Cinematic Universe

Noel Gugliemi has played Latinx criminals for 20 years — a role that propelled the formerly homeless actor to internet-legend status. Now, as a motivational speaker, he's out to reclaim his own legacy

Can CRISPR Help Engineer a Species of Men With Honkin’ Dicks?

It’s being used to edit out problematic genes for everything from Alzheimer’s to blindness — why not use it to snip out the genes that prevent men from having 12-inch dongs, too?