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All the Stories We Could Find About Never-Ending Boners

Some Friday bullshit to kick off your weekend

Tell us if you’ve heard this one before: A man goes in for a nose job and comes out with a boner that just won’t quit.


Us either—until we read about Neven Ciganovic, a Croatian plastic-surgery addict who had that exact thing happen to him.

It, of course, seemed like an impossible story to replicate. And while there are no other examples of rhinoplasty that morphed into an unstoppable boner—at least that we could find—there were plenty of examples of permanent erections for which men turned to the internet for help.

These are our favorites:

‘I’m Pedro and I have a perpetual erection. Ask me anything’

‘I have a boner and it won’t go away!!! :(’

‘This damn thing just won’t go away!’

‘BF Has An Erect Penish Which Won’t Go Down’

‘Start by draining blood from the penile vein’

‘My erection won’t go down…?’

‘Tears → Instant Boner.’