Dispatches from the Manosphere

Beethoven, an Incel? Fact-Checking Incels’ Claims of Their Historic Icons

Incels allege everyone from Nikola Tesla to Sir Isaac Newton to Charles Bukowski were one of their own. Scholars, however, beg to differ

Everyone Is Readying for Battle in Post-Rittenhouse America

The far-right was waging IRL violence long before the 18-year-old killer went free. But the verdict is fueling a hero myth around Rittenhouse — and questions of a new standard of violence

The Feds Took Credit for Nailing an Incel Terrorist. Do They Deserve It?

How big charges and splashy headlines rewrote the story of a foiled mass shooting

The Gen Z Muslims Adopting the Memes of the Far Right

New research sheds light on the online ecosystem known as ‘Islamogram,’ boosted by Gen Z Muslims and fueled by regressive far-right symbols